The  Curiosity  ApproachTM

Curiosity is our foundation


We are all born curious, it’s what makes us human and how we learn. 

It is our job at Hopes & Dreams to continue to inspire and nurture an inquisitive mind in every child. We achieve this through the environment we create and the questions we ask. We know that as adults we need to be invested and present in the children’s learning. Children need someone to share the discovery and joyfulness of learning with. We need to be present, be curious, have fun and really make a difference. 

At Hopes & Dreams we are passionate about continuing to provide the best possible environment for our children to learn and grow.  We are always looking forward and staying one step ahead, as new ideas and research comes to light about how children learn.  This is why we have embraced the Curiosity ApproachTM for all of our settings.

What is the Curiosity Approach TM

It’s a new way of thinking about Early Years, taking inspiration from the great childcare theorists, Montessori, Reggio, Steiner and Te Whariki.  The Curiosity ApproachTM is a framework for challenging conventional approaches to the delivery of childcare and supporting children’s development.  

It is a modern take on traditional values.  We are the first nursery to have adapted and developed our environments, our practices and our people to follow this ethos and achieve  The Curiosity ApproachTM accreditation.

The benefits for your child are numerous.  We have found that children are more settled, calm  and happier.  They are more engaged in their play, learning far more from their experiences in nursery than would have been possible with a conventional approach.  

All of our settings are now using this approach to deliver the best Island-wide childcare and education. 

This approach fits perfectly into the changing technological times that we live in, bringing curiosity, awe and wonder back into early childhood and creating the ‘Thinkers and Doers’ of the future.

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